What is a Search Engine Optimization? Best Explanation Ever #1

Search Engine Optimization

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a Group of Modes and Procedures used to increase your Organic traffic and Search engine ranking.

If you accurately implement SEO, will result in an increase in the quality of web traffic, and your website may receive organic visitors which come from the search results page.

Search Engine Optimization concluded to increase your website’s search ranking and which is completely free from paid traffic.

search engine optimization

As You can see search engine results page which shows both paid results and organic results.

To make visible a website for organic results which is absolutely free, You need to implement SEO on your Website. but for Paid results, Google Adwords will help you here although, it is paid version and also has fewer chances of getting visitors which Search engine do not like.

Important Parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On-Page SEO

This works Inside your website on a Page or Posts. On-Page SEO has to implement on every single post to rank a specific blog post on a search results page. If you have a WordPress Website then, it will be an easier task to do and also takes less time.

But for Blogger users you have to do it yourself and it may take your time. also, you need to have HTML Knowledge as compare to WordPress which is quite harder to Implement SEO.

Here You need to do Keyword stuffing, Meta Title, Meta Description, H1 tags, Keyword density less than 2, Image txt, internal and external link building.

Off-Page SEO

This works outside of your Website to increase your Search Engine Optimization ranking. here you need to increase your Domain Authority, Backlinks, and Page Authority.

When a high Authority Website links your URL on their website you get a high DA Backlink. In this there are two types of Backlinks: No-follow and do-follow.

No-follow backlinks will never drive traffic on your website, it results in increasing Domain Authority.

Do-follow backlinks are referring backlinks, which allow bots to boost your website ranking and organic traffic.

Local SEO

Setting up on a Google My Business will rank your website, nearby visitors. when a nearby user searches with your Keyword which results to appear on a search result page. here you need to create your property in a Google My Business, to get nearby traffic.

Technical SEO

This is a process of Crawling, Indexing, and ranking your website. Submitting Sitemap on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster. Indexing on both, Website Speed or a Core Web Vitals.

Mobile-Friendly, Mobile Usability, AMP, Page Load Time, and XML Sitemap helps you in search engine optimization ranking.

Second Part : How Search Engines Work

  1. Why Backlinks are important?

    Backlinks improve your website Authority and improve search engine ranking.
    both no-follow and do-follow backlinks help in increasing website traffic.

  2. How SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works?

    It is a Search engine technology that makes your website ranking and increases organic traffic.
    to make it visible on SERP(Search Results Page) you should start implementing SEO on your website.

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