Top 10 Windows 11 Features That Customizes Your Desktop/Laptop

windows 11 features

As we all know the upgradation of Windows 10 will be out today or in a few days. Rumors leaked on the Internet that, Windows 11 Features that Microsoft to explore in the event on 24 June 2021 at 11 AM ET, 8.30 PM IST for Indians.

Now let’s talk about the leaked features of the new version. The 9 features to come with a new update and the official release date are yet to be confirmed by officials in the Event here from the Internet source.


windows 11
New Window Welcome Screen

Welcoming Screen will be replaced with new a few customizations after it updates to 11. But the report also said this may impact booting time with few chances to increase timing. Whatever let see in today’s Microsoft event.

Center Taskbar and Start Menu

The company will customize the Menu and Taskbar placements. We see the Start Menu at the left corner in Windows 10 but from the updates that will replace in the Center of the Screen. And I must say, this is a crazy feature because it will be easier to start any programs at the center.

Improved Search Results

Searches in Windows may be improved with accurate and fewer time results. It also enables external sources for an Example:- You searched News, which also shows the trending news from the Top Stories.

Powerful Workspaces

Multi-Tasking Feature gives you more workspaces that navigate in a single click and you can use as many of your applications on a single desktop. In this feature, you can also create Multiple Desktops that work as a fresh window and can manage by shortcode as Ctrl+Win+Alt to view your recent application.

Widgets Installation

Microsoft to make a new widget that shows your interest from Bing Search Engine. In this feature, you need to select your interest from the settings – Sports, Top Stories, News, and so on. Here you can also see the changes as Apple and Samsung gives in the Mobile Phone Widgets.

Redesigned Apps

In the Windows 11, Applications like Settings, Microsoft Store, and many other applications getting a new designs. And few of the Program Icons has been changed in a new shape and design. All these things may be explained in the Event.

Improved Action Centre

The shortcut of function has also been improved by settled with curved corners and added a few Add-Ons. Buttons like Wi-Fi, Aero-Plane Mode, VPN, and more have also been changed with shape customization.

Extreme Dark Theme

The Dark Mode in Windows 11 is simply spectacular things like a toggle, settings, taskbar, and default applications that look fancy. This mode also works well with Night Mode that protects your eyes from damage.

New Snapping UI

Microsoft has improved the Snapping system in Windows, which snaps in the right/left corners and also can be changed by yourself if you need any perfect sizing.

Stunning Wallpapers

With coming updates of Windows 11, Microsoft has planned to offers you the best stunning wallpapers that visible after upgradation to a new version. New Dark and Light wallpapers also can be seen in the new version.

Perhaps, all these features are from leaked version of Windows 11, confirmation is yet to uploaded by the officials in the Event.

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