Free SEO Points To Improve Your Website Performance



Search Engine Optimization is a tool which can rank your website and pages on search engines Google and Microsoft Bing. SEO has secret strategy.

here i am going tell you few points and tips to rank your site on google search results.

First Know about seo, this will make your site on search results. This is the technique to get more unique traffic. Write quality content which contains high quality keywords.


How To Find Keywords?

You can find right keywords on google using few keyword research tools. keyword is more important to make your page on search results.

How To Research Keywords?

keyword research tools is reveals the right search term from users data. it shows you the search tags of users trying to find . If you add those keywords on your article and in the tags section. it will help to visible on search result in that keyword. search any keyword research tool on google. after that search your blog title on the search page of the tool. select any high volume and low competitor keywords to rank. then add it in your article and tags section.

Why Keywords Are Important In SEO?

Keywords are important to make your website visible to user. these will suggest your site on google search engine.

It can be useful if you want to rank your site.


Here is other tool to be used on your site. This will make visible to if one type your niche keyword. lets assume my niche is tech. I have added tech on meta tags and meta description.

If someone search tech google will suggest my website for including meta tags and meta description. that’s how meta tag works with search engines.

H1 Keywords

Adding your title keyword on Heading 1 is also a super thing to rank your website. Keyword related your blogpost not website. make sure to add your keyword on title as well as on H1. This will help to boost your blogpost.

Creating Backlinks To Your Website

Backlinks has power to get more traffic. your website will get traffic from other website. which can say as external links.

If some one adds your site address on there blogpost in the form of external link. when there visitors click on there external link. they will redirect to your site which increases your traffic.

How To Create Backlinks In Seo ?

Backlinks can be create on your own. It has many ways to be created.

  • Guest Post
  • Commenting On Other Websites
  • Paid Backlinks From Tools

These are the ways you can create. First two methods are free but creating from some tools you may need to pay.

Through Guest Post and Comments you will get organic traffic. rather than creating from tools. Backlink tool can generate spam or low quality backlinks. which can impact on your website seo and may slow down your ranking.

Generating Sitemaps On Your Site

Sitemaps will make your website to index on search engines tool. without generating sitemaps on your site your site cannot be indexed on webmaster tools. Generate a sitemap and submit on search engines tool.

Robot.Txt File In Seo

Robot txt that tells to web robots for crawl your website and also says your website is not crawled. Crawling is more important to index your site. And it useful to analyse your website on few seo tools. Robot txt says search engines to visit your website.

Google Analytics

This tool is more helpful and make sure to connect your site with google analytics. It analyse your website users data. This will analyse and show you the real time traffic of your site. and also show you the all time traffic, ctr, impressions and clicks. You can see if there are spam visitors from which country. You can block the spam country which help your site from invalid traffic.

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