Samsung Begun Production of 120Hz OLED Displays For iPhone 13 Pro Models


Samsung started production of OLED Display for the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max that support 120Hz Frame rates. LG has now begun to make LTPS Display LCD for iPhone 13 only, unfortunately, here 120Hz will not be supported.

Rumors explored the leak on ProMotion technology where Apple first launched in the 2017 iPad Pro and iPhone 12 lineup. A 120Hz of higher frame rate can be used after ProMotion permits a display. but rumors told, Apple will introduce a 120 Hz FPS in the iPhone of 2020 later it was denied by the Company.

Check the production of 120Hz Displays

Samsung Making OLED Display and LG Making LCD Display

Moving towards the iPhone 13 that to launch in September, Apple decided to only develop a higher frame rate of 120Hz display in a Pro Models only.

The report says, Samsung already finished display panels, that work was started 10 days ago than LG. LG to introduce LCD displays only in iPhone 13, the budget may be lower than Pro models of the OLED displays.

iPhone 12 models were lately launched in the last year due to pandemic issue, but it seems like new iPhones could launch faster than before because Samsung and LG are now begun for production of Displays. Rumors also leaked, Apple to launch a new Pink iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max in December.

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