How To Get Rid Of Mobile Addiction To Stay Healthy

how to get rid of mobile addiction

Mobile Phones contain radiation, which weakens your health every day if you do not stop Mobile Addiction. But not only with Mobiles, Laptop, PC, and any digital gadgets which impact on your health.

Technology and Digitalize are not the reason to get any diseases, Addiction plays a vital role in your life. Not only being addicted to technology. If you are addicted to any other things like eating, sleeping, smoking, and drinking which also impacts your health.

But I am gonna only discuss Mobile Addiction rather than any other. Let’s know-how can you self-examine – how long you use your device.

How To Check Screen Time on iPhones

How To Check Screen Time on iPhones
  • Click on your Mobile’s settings.
  • Below the “Do Not Disturb” click on the Screen Time.
  • Check your Daily Average Screen Time.

You can also Limit your Apps, which means App will auto-lock based on your timings. and Schedule your screen time based on your need and work.

How To Check Screen Time on Android Mobiles

How To Check Screen Time on Android Mobiles
  • Go to your Mobile’s settings.
  • Below the “Advanced Features” click on the Digital Wellbeing.
  • Inspect your regular screen time.

Here, you can set/block your screen time notifications. To be frank, I don’t have an idea on setting app limits on Android, and I even don’t know whether they provide features or not, but SAMSUNG provides you.

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How Mobile Addiction Impacts Your Health

As I told in the above paragraph that it has radiation, that connects with telecommunication and Satellite to mobiles. they flow in invisible rays, which interface with our Brain and Heart. as well as Skin, healthy cells present in the skin which convert into dead cells that increase your aging, skin pores, acne, and more.

The brain is full of water and chemical, you may experience headaches while using your mobile phone, that because of increased screen time. Eye- Pain, Red Eyes, or Watering Eyes, that because of high brightness and the close distance between your eyes to mobile. All these happen if you do not take a break or an intervals between your usage.

What Causes of Mobile Addictions

  • Red Eyes.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Confusion.
  • Dehydration.
  • Dry Eyes.
  • Vomiting.
  • Back-Pain.
  • Neck-Pain.
  • Skin Damage.
  • Lack of Sleep or Sleepless.
  • Memory Loss.
  • Low Appetite.
  • Rapid Heart Beats.

These are the certified causes when you use Mobile Phones for a very long duration or high usage. But not with many, few were seen in some users/patients. Here is how Mobile Addiction impacts your health. You need to limit usage to be healthy and avoid all these causes.

How To Stop Mobile Addiction Quickly

Yes, you can stop your addiction in very fewer days. let’s talk in brief to prevent any health disorders before you fell into the causes.

Be with Nature

Nature in the sense hang out to the evergreen environment, spend time with your pets if you don’t have? feed any street dogs. walk into the sky that surrounds by clean water, Nature keeps you healthy. Spend your time outside near the park or a garden. Feed the water to the plants, trees, Cut the grass, etc.

Eat Healthy Food or Diet

Fuel yourself by eating beneficial foods and maintain a good diet. Follow the foods that fill your daily nutrients and Macro-nutrients. Add any Multi-Vitamin supplement after consulting your doctor. Add your balanced diet – Chicken, Vegetables, Fruits, and Hydrating juices. Below are the list:-

  • Chicken Breast – Protein
  • Vegetables – Spinach, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Green leafy vegs.
  • Paneer- Protein if you’re an vegetarian.
  • Seasonal Fruits.
  • Watermelon.
  • Oranges.
  • Apple.
  • Almonds.
  • Walnuts.
Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated is beneficial for the brain, to avoid confusion, to increase your memory power, to prevent dehydration, to flush out toxins, so on. Water has many minerals and magnesium that protect your organ tissues and cells. You feel more energetic if you consume based on your need – Many users ignore water because of mobile addiction, but that not good for your health.

Exercising Workout or Cycling

Workout ignores your addiction, you must be busy with fitness and goals. If you think you do not have much time to work out on daily basis just don’t be sad – Cycling also has the same benefits that merge with a workout. You can skip Exercise to Cycling- Your body must sweat out toxins that don’t matter what you do.

Read Books or Blog

This is another work that reduces your mobile addiction. Spending your time on books that profit you in new things. You can learn new things and test yourself how can you become a successful blogger. Improve your creation and innovation – focus on new things and increase your skills with educations.

Live With Your Family

Families are problem solvers. They could be happy if you spend time with them because they’re much supportive. Live, Eat, and Talk with them and explore your daily routine and history. Enjoy your moments with your loved ones. Here all may trow up their devices to talk to each-others and may cook together, eat together, and enjoy together.

I think this is enough to stop your mobile addiction by following just beneficial steps. Please share if you liked and found it helpful. <:Cheers:>

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