How Search Engines Work Why it Plays Important Role? #2

how search engines work

How Search Engines Work

Search Engines are a bunch of networks, processing can be done in three steps.

Crawl: Search Engines crawl for content marketing and look at every web page to serve a better visitor.
Index: Search Engines stores your Content after crawling done by bots, it states that the article is ready for visible on the internet.
Rank: after the bot indexed content, Search ranking will be done based on Content quality, Authority, Proper implementation of SEO, and valuable content which later serves to a user after sorting.

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Why Search Engine Optimization is Important?

For Organic traffic which is absolutely free, Search Engine Optimization is more important. although, you can also get paid traffic from Google Adwords or any other Ad network.

It is only important for those who have no money or who seek to get organic traffic. SEO works to serve your content to a matched user.

But, it totally depends on Visitors because SEO only makes your content visible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It depends on your Meta title, if a user clicks on your link then you gain an organic visitor.


SEO makes visible your Website on the Search Engine Results Page which sounds quite good. Bot identifies your content later it tells you to Index on Search Engines. When a Visitor search with a keyword, if you implement that keyword on your Blog Post there are chances to make it visible on the search engine results page.

User Experience

This also matters a lot because if a user feels your site is insecure to use, Google will remove your site from the results page. Mobile Usability, Responsive Theme, and Page Speed if you use these proper on your site will improve your site performance and increase your site ranking.


Web Traffic plays the main role if you want to gain more visitors. Google only recommends others if your post has traffic. Bounce rate shows how long does a user spends time on your site, if it is high then fewer chances of getting traffic later slow downs your ranking.

Domain Authority

Search Engines also check your website authority. A high authority results in sorting the top 10 results page. But, if your site has low authority then you should increase first to make your site visible on the top 10 search engine results page.

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Should I Hire A SEO Professional?

This is not mandatory which is your wish. hiring professional costs a bit more, if you do Search Engine Optimization, improves your skill as well as you will come to learn many things.

Benefits of Doing Self Search Engine Optimization

  • Money will be saved.
  • You will learn something.
  • You will gain this skill.
  • You can work on any site.

When To Hire a Professional

  • If you do not have time.
  • You are working on tough competition.
  • Google penalized your Content.
  • You are losing web traffic.

How Much Time it takes to Rank On Search Engines

For few sites it takes up to 6 months long. although, it depends on your skill how long can do SEO. But, if you’re lucky then you may see results less than 6 months.

Ranking will not take place in a day or a month many key factors matter to rank your site. If you correctly work on Search Engine Optimization, you can see results in very fewer days.

  1. How To Do SEO?

    search engine optimization is very easy if you understand it clearly, Keyword stuffing, Backlinks, Keyword density, Indexing, Sitemaps, H1 tags, meta title and description. It make your site rank faster.

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