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earn money with blogs

How to earn money with Blogs?

There are many ways to earn money with blogs. but you need to gain more traffic. If your blog/site is dead or low visitors. Sorry to say you cannot make money with it. First, improve your site and drive traffic to it. You must rank your blogs on search engines. So let’s directly come to the point.

You can earn money through Advertising on your website. Wondering how? Wait, let me continue.

Google Adsense converts your passion into profit. Yes, you heard correct it makes money. 

To earn money with Adsense first apply to it and then get approval. 

How to get Google Adsense Approval?

Many bloggers have applied on Adsense but few were successful few were not. It depends on your website. Your site must comply with Google Adsense Policies before you apply for it. 

Policies of Google Adsense 

  • Your Website should have unique contents.
  • Your site should not contain any illegal content.
  • You should publish at least 20-30 posts before applying.
  • Your site must have pages like and should navigate.
  • About Us,
  • Contact us,
  • Privacy Policy,
  • Terms and conditions,
  • Disclaimer.
  • Your theme is responsive and customizes nicely.
  • Create Sitemaps.
  • Link your Social Accounts on the website.

These above criteria you should follow before Applying on it.

How Google Adsense Pay To You?

Adsense pay on your blogs for impressions and clicks of Ads. CTR, CPC, and RPM where we can calculate your earnings with. CTR (Click Through Rate) minimum percentage is 1-2%. This can tell your Adsense account future. RPM (Rate Per Impressions). This will show you the rate for 1000 impressions. CPC (Cost Per Click). This will show you the price for one click of the ad. These are the factor of Adsense where you earn from. Adsense only pays if your ad has more than 1000 impressions. And if your ads have clicks it depends on CPC. 

You will receive one pin through Post. And activate your Adsense account once you reach $10. To withdraw your earnings you should reach the threshold of $100. You can directly withdraw from your Bank Account.

Earn From Affiliate Marketing with blogs.

Affiliate Marketing pays you through commissions for promoting their products. You need to promote their products on your blogs. They pay you only when one purchases from your recommendation.

What are the best Affiliate Programs?

  • Click Bank
  • CJ Affiliate 
  • Jvzoo 
  • Amazon Affiliate Program 
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Bluehost 
  • Hostinger

These are the best few Affiliate Programs from my point of view .

 How do beginner Bloggers make money with Blogs?

Through Ad networks and Affiliate Marketing programs. Beginners can also earn from these platforms. But although it requires traffic to get paid.

How much money can you make from Blogs?

We can’t how much but for sure you will earn. It depends on your traffic, page views, and clicks on your website. You can earn from $100  to $10000 in a month. Before planning to earn money from a blog make sure to grow your site. 

How much views does Blogger need to get paid?

For Part-time blogger. you can earn money from 1000-10000 page views a month. You can earn nearly $10-$500. Now For a Full-time blogger. You can earn money the same as a part-timer. But it would be good if you have 100000 page views a month. You can earn around $3000-$4000 in a month. 

What type of Blogs make the most money?

Tech Blog

Fashion Blog

Food Recipe Blog

Travel Blog

News Blog

Lifestyle Blog

Govt Job Blog

Movie and Lyrics Blog

Micro Niche Blog

Basically all the blogs are good at earning.

How do I start Blogging?

It is lengthy to tell here. As I have written an article on it to read. You can click here.

Can you really make money Blogging in 2021?

Yes, everyone will start making money after Adsense’s approval. You can also earn it. But blogging is time-consuming you need to wait few months. At any year you can get paid blogs there is no such observation.

When should I Start monetising my blogs?

Once you have completed 6-months of blogging. Although you can monetize any time after Adsense’s approval. But better to wait few months and get monetized. Your website will not get traffic at the beginning.

Is Blogging a good career in 2021?

Yes, the world is digitally developed so yeah. Blogging can be part-time for students and jobholders. And it can also be full time for jobless and free time. You can earn from many sources so I must say yes. It’s your choice to start a career or as a passion.

How much does Adsense pay per 1000 views?

Well not exactly has a value for 1000 views. But it depends on the CPC of a keyword and RPM. every keyword has a CPC according to its search volume. High CPC keyword has a chance of getting high RPM. And it also depends on your niche.

Is Google Adsense Safe?

Yes, because its a product of google. Google is a big company and all your details will be safe.

You don’t bother of it just rock it.

How can I earn money with blogs from Google Ads?

You can earn from ads on your site. Once a visitor clicks on your ad. You will get paid accordingly to your keyword CPC. As I told you previously CPC and RPM matter a lot. And great thing Adsense also pays you for Impressions.

So in these way blogger gets paid. Affiliate Marketing and Display Ads where you earn from. If you are starting to blog this year make sure to check this out here. It is an article which is written by me for new bloggers. Everyone can earn from blogs but you need to have patience. Take it as patience is a key to success. And I am hoping you definitely loved reading my article. Share your thoughts on it. And share with your friends and family. If you have any queries regarding this. You can contact me directly in the comments or from the contact page.

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