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 Blogging for beginners

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Plan your niche For Blogging

Niche is category of your content and website. To start a blog you need to select your niche in which you are perfect. It represents your blog and website. If you don’t have any idea on how to select niche I will tell you the way.

How to select niche for blogging?

Know yourself first on what category you are best and you have an ideas. Ask yourself what category you have an knowledge.

Let me tell you the categories which need to be selected as niche.

Technology, Gadgets reviews,seo, food blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs and more.

Select any of them which are mentioned in above. But you need to have some knowledge then you can be succeed in blogging.

I hope now you have got to know how can someone select the niche for blogging.

Purchase your niche based Domain 

Domain is property which owned by you. It is a self company. You need to purchase a domain from providers. You can select as your wish but I suggest to select with your niche.

How to select a domain For Blogging?

In simple words Domain is a company which is organised by you. and It is has a specific and unique name which can be read by google. To select a domain search unique name on google.

Mix your niche with researched domain name.

Purchase a hosting for domain

Here also you need to pay for hosting. You can buy it from any trusted hosting provider. It has some plans you can select it according to your budget. 

Why hosting is needed for blogging?

Hosting is a server where your website data will be stored. To store your website data hosting is needed. And hosting is self hosted website where third party company is hosting your website.

Can we create website without hosting?

Yes, but it will not called as self hosted website. Blogger is platform where you can create a website without hosting. Blogger doesn’t required hosting. It is a google’s product so your site will managed by google.

Install WordPress for your Blogging site

WordPress is self hosted platform. Hosting is required for wordpress. After purchasing domain and hosting. Install wordpress from C Panel. 

Why WordPress? Why not blogger?

Because WordPress has many features than blogger. WordPress has many plugins but not in blogger. WordPress has many theme but not in blogger. and it is easy to use but for blogger you need HTML language. 

Pros of wordpress

  • Many plugins can be installed
  • It has Responsive theme
  • In build seo support
  • You don’t need any language 
  • Website can be index Instantly 

Cons of wordpress

  • Much expensive 
  • Need separate hosting
  • Slow loading page
  • Cannot manage more visitors 

Pros of blogger

  • It is free to use
  • Manage more visitors 
  • Cannot be hacked

Cons of blogger

  • Do not have themes and plugins
  • Hard to index and rank
  • It required HTML Language 

Customize Responsive Theme For Website.

Responsive theme is the way to get faster rank on search results. Responsive theme make your website user friendly. If a user minimise your website theme automatically get minimised based on size.

Select few seo friendly themes

Customise theme make better arrangements for widgets in a site. And it also increases page load time. A good theme is more important to make your site seo friendly.

Make Arrange of categories, pages and more on your site. 

How to write blog Post For Blogging?

First search your targeted users. and then start Writing unique quality content. which help your site to get more engagements. Your site can only be ranked if you write quality blogs.

You can easily write a blogpost from my steps.

  • First research you blog idea
  • Select your next blog post title
  • Research its keywords
  • Read few articles of your new post
  • Note some important points 
  • Write it in your own.

You need to research before posting any blog. To write quality content research on google with your keywords. Note down in your own words few valuable content for visitors. 

Implementing seo on your blog post

Seo works as rank booster on search engines. You need to implement seo tools on your blog content. 

What is seo?

Seo is a search engine optimisation. Which are few tools to help a website to rank on google.

Install Yoast seo on wordpress

This seo tool is supportive to your website. This tool will suggest you few tips. It also shows errors to be resolved on post. Follow yoast seo plugin on your blog post. It is trusted and useful plugin. Morethan 5m users have downloaded for wordpress. 

What are seo tools?

Keyword Research 

You need to research few keywords for your blog post. Keywords research tool will help you out in this case. This tool reveals the users search data of google. It also shows the volume and competition of keywords. 

What are keywords research tools For Blogging?

These above are the keywords tool. Where show you the volume of single keyword.

Research on Google trend For Blogging.

Google trends is a short time and real time keywords tool. It reveals the real time searches of users. You can also check here content topics. 

Google trend  also shows state and country wise searches. You can select your blog ideas from here. Implement keywords on your blogpost.

Write meta title and meta description on your post

Meta title is post title where google can read. Meta description is what google shows to the users on results page. These two are useful tip to make users impressive. And it can increase clicks on your website. 

Add keyword on meta title and meta description In Blogging

Adding here is main thing to get ranked on search results. Keyword is a word where user searches on google. If your blog post contains on both to get your site on search page. 

Why H1 tag is important In Blogging?

Heading 1 tag is used to show blog title on search page. If H1 has keyword of your post then its great thing.This will help in ranking to appropriate keyword. More chances of getting clicks from users.

Follow all these steps and then publish it. After publishing share your blogpost on social media.

Create a Robot txt file

You can create it will Yoast seo plugin. Robot txt tells google to allow your post on search engine. And says to crawl and index your website. 

Generate Sitemaps of your website 

Yoast Seo plugins can generate your sitemaps.  Sitemaps are improving to index your website on search engines. To index your pages and posts on google sitemaps are mandatory.

Create and verify Google Search Console

Create a account on Google search console. You can easily create it just search on google. Then click on the search console website. Enter your website address. Verify it with any of the verification method. 

Create and verify  bing webmaster tool

This is same as google search console. Search Bing webmaster tool on browser. enter your website address and click on the add button. Verify it will any of the mentioned methods.

Submit Sitemap on Google search console and bing webmaster tool 

Submit your generated sitemaps on both. First let me say about search console. Click on the sitemaps. Enter your generated sitemap now click on submit. Wait till it show success. 

Now lets go with bing webmaster tool. Click on the sitemaps again. Enter your sitemaps and submit through clicking on it. 

Index your blogpost on search console and webmaster tool

Indexing  your website makes to appear on google and bing. These two search engines make visible to appear on search page. When someone search your keyword your post will visible to them. Google only allow your website to index if you have submitted sitemap. 

How to index your website?

First let me tell you to index on google. Go to the dashboard of google search console. Click on the url submission. Enter your blogpost url. Click in test live. If your blog post doesn’t have any error. Then click on the request indexing.

Wait few hours  to get your blogpost indexed on google. It depends on your crawling time.

Secondly come to bing webmaster tool. Go to the dashboard of webmaster tool. Right click on the url submission. Enter your blogpost url. Check whether your page has errors or not. If not then click on the request indexing. Same you need to wait till it indexed.

Indexing on google search console. It make your site to visible on only google search engine. Indexing on bing webmaster tool. It make your site to visible on only Microsoft bing.

You need to index separately on both of the search engines.

How search engines works In Blogging?

If someone search your post related keyword. Then it will possible to make your post on search results. You need have better keyword research. High quality keyword help you out in this case.

Share your blog post on Social Media Platforms

Sharing on social media to get some traffic on your post. At the beginning it is hard to get organic traffic. So you need to share on social platforms as.

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Pinterest
  • WhatsApp 
  • Telegram
  • Quora
  • Reddit

 Share here to get direct and referral traffic to your site. To get ranked your website beginning it requires traffic. Your site should not be down for low traffic. You should get at least 500 visitors a day. If you share here it is possible to get ranked quickly. 

Install Google Analytics For Blogging

Google Analytics shows your real time traffic. And it also show you the many traffic sources like.

  • Organic traffic from search
  • Direct traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Others

What is organic traffic In Blogging?

Organic traffic where user visits your site from search engines. If you’re website appears on search engines. It more likely to get organic traffic by searches. 

How to get organic traffic?

To get organic traffic on your site. You need make hard research on keywords and content. Make sure you add image keywords as well. Keywords on meta title and meta description also help you. Create keyword based webpage description using snippet. It takes bit time to get organic traffic. But never fail to update your website regularly.

How to get traffic on your website?

After completion of all these steps. Getting traffic is little bit hard. Here your blog post seo works to get. If you’re do not know seo i will explain you. 

Create Backlinks on your website 

Creating Backlinks on your site get more traffic and increase domain authority. Backlinks are nothing but referral traffic. Users visit your website from other site. Basically is a free promoting. Backlinks can only be created. if you are site has unique content. Write Valuable information for users. 

How to create Backlinks?

Backlinks can be created from few methods.

Guest posting In Blogging

Here you need to post on other site as a guest. All the site doesn’t allow this. First search few site based on your niche. Post few valuable content on there site. Link your website as a outbound link. When users click on your post link. They redirect to your website and you will get a backlink.

Comment posting In Blogging

This is the second way to get backlink. Here you need to comment and link your website. That site admin adds your link on his post as a external link. When user click on that. They redirect to your site for information. You will get a backlink.

Backlinks from paid tools

I will suggest you this method. Because you need to pay for Backlinks. Some tools create Backlinks to your site. Which will not be quality Backlinks. There Backlinks can be low quality and spams. 

Your website need to have high quality Backlinks. You do not need to pay anything for them. Just follow my first two methods.

Promote your website with paid advertisers 

To get some traffic you need to promote your website. Use Google Ads to promote your site. It is a product of google where it advertise your website on google. But you need to invest money on it. 

Promote your website on social media.

This is the second way to get traffic on your post. And great thing it works on both paid and free. Lets talk about free promotion.

Create your page on Facebook. Publish few content on that. Grow some audiences their. Then start sharing your blogpost on page. 

You can also create and join few Facebook Groups. Where you can promote your blogs. People will be active there.

Share your blogs on Twitter account. Grow your audiences. Create your campaign on pinterest and quora. Where you can also get traffic from there. 

Email Marketing is also a way to get traffic from. You need to mail your visitors and link with your post. 

Facebook and Instagram also promotes any thing. They charge you for paid promotions. Great thing you can target your users on advertising. This is the way you can get traffic through ads. At the beginning your website need some traffic. Which helps to rank on search engines.

How do bloggers get paid?

Being a advertising publisher you will get paid in this form. Your website need to connect with Advertisers. Google Adsense is the best way to generate income. And other is digital marketing and affiliate marketing. Also you can get paid by sponsorship and sponsored posts. But wait your website must comply with there policies. Your website should verified by them. In this way bloggers get paid.

How much do beginner bloggers make?

It depends on your time and traffic. Until your website doesn’t get traffic its hard to say. You need to generate more visitors. At the first Google Adsense pay you $1 for 1000 Impressions. So now you can calculate the earning of beginners. Blogging is time taking platform to generate income.

On which topic should I start Blogging?

Thats your wish and knowledge. Choose your topic based on your knowledge. If you have idea about tech then start with it. Or you can start any of the niche. 

What is the difference between Blog and Vlog?

Blog is an article content. Where as vlog is an video content. Vlog explore there content through videos. But blog through writing. Both are good platform.

Is It To Late To Start Blogging In 2021

No, it will be never to late to start. all are using browser and google to read an article. I must say blogging will never ever die. everyone in this world wants to learn from articles. blogging is profitable to start any of the time. stop telling and believing that it requires specific time. You can when ever start your blog.

Follow this article before planning to start your blog. It depends on you to invest money on blogging. you can also create website for free. both Blogging platforms are specified differently.

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